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Little Wonders Nursery School understands that the initial years of a child’s life is an essential time for your child’s development. We provide every child with a safe, secure environment and a lot of warm motherly interaction. This encourages the child to develop, physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

Because every child has a unique routine for eating, sleeping, and playing, parents and caregivers establish a personalized plan that is continually updated to meet individual needs. Growth and developmental milestones are shared with parents and recorded on a daily basis. Rooms are filled with books, blocks, and toys to encourage discovery and awareness. Explorations of texture, color, pattern, size, shape, smell, sound, and taste are all encouraged. Lots of movement, songs, books, and puppets are integrated on a daily basis.

Children are encouraged to reach, grasp, kick, hold, pull, crawl, and stand. We also provide many cognitive experiences for your child. Whatever activities engage a child, parents promote with positive reinforcement. They expand on each experience at school using rich vocabulary, strong connections, and consistent care.

Our child classrooms provide personal, warm and loving care in a colorful, stimulating, clean, and healthy environment. The small child to teacher ratio in these classes allow for plenty of one-to-one interaction.