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Little Wonders Nursery School was founded in 2002 and has been a vital part of the neighbourhood since the beginning. It has a marvelous track record of strong and consistent commitment to high quality early childhood education. LWNS excels at the tangibles–state of the art air-conditioned classrooms, a fully fledged library of Indian and foreign books, an audiovideo methodology room and the highest quality of classroom equipment and supplies. However, much of the magic that is created here is from intangibles–the minds and hearts of an experienced, educated staff and a strongly committed, supportive community.

As early childhood educators, it is an imperative of ours to advocate for young children, to continually “translate” early childhood development into explanations that value the challenges children face and the successes they achieve. However, at the foundation of all that we practice is the very solid commitment to respect each child, as an individual in temperament, interests, and skills. That intense respect coupled with an expertise of child development creates an unrivaled early childhood educational experience.

A positive social-emotional atmosphere created by a healthy, supportive community increases the ease with which all learning takes place. Our goal is for children to emerge from their first school experience confident in themselves, empathetic towards others, respectful of their surroundings, and valuing themselves as positive contributors to their community.

We strive to collaborate with the most important people in children’s lives—their families. Without a family’s confidence and comfort with a child’s experience here, the learning experience is seriously diminished or compromised. Family involvement is an essential element of our program. Every effort holds a unique value and contributes to the foundation, diversity, and strength of our community.

We view children, families, and staff all as integral parts of our neighborhood and rely on participation, communication, and commitment to create the marvelous village that is Little Wonders Nursery School.

Mrs. Ashu Jain,
Executive Director